Terrible soil

Where I live the soil is really awful. It’s either clay or crumbly rock. That means in winter – which we are in now – the interminable rain drains off the ground verrrry slowly. When I dig out a weed it makes a slurp, then finally pop! as it comes out! 

I took advantage of decent weather yesterday to plant some carrot seeds, and I was thinking that the Church is like my garden. So often the conditions don’t seem right to plant, and removing something is hard, accompanied by noise! But in those rare occasions when the conditions seem right to sow something, we start new programmes, trusting that the soil will nurture the seed.

But as the church we so often don’t attend to the soil. Yes, we can trust God for the sun and the rain/Holy Spirit at the right times, just as the garden is provided for, but cultivating our soil, as the people of God, is the work and the worship we must do. Are we too stodgy to let the rain flow through, like my garden? Are we too resistant to change to grow when conditions are right? That’s the challenge for the family of God, to tend our soil, to let the air and light in, to stop clinging to the old for the sake of tradition, and let God give the increase. (Eph4:1-6)

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