What is a deacon?

A deacon is someone who is ordained to a holy order – the others are priests and bishops. In NZ there are two sorts of deacons – vocational deacons, who are permanent, and transitional deacons, who are in the process of training as priests. That’s the sort I am. A deacon gets to wear a clerical shirt and collar, to be called Reverend, to read the Gospel, to baptize, anoint and dismiss the congregation. It’s also a public sort of role, about being the face of the church in the community, and encouraging the congregation in their 6 days a week ministry. My preaching tends to have this flavour.

What do I do? I am part-time in our parish, providing pastoral care, visiting, bringing home communion to people, preaching, acting as liturgical assistant, welcoming the congregation to the service, and planning and organising worship.

The rest of the time I am studying and running my family.

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