In my garden there’s a little flowering cherry tree, which one of the kids has planted. It’s about a metre tall, or rather it was, until another of my offspring swung on it, bending the growing tip back double, nearly breaking it off. I was just about to chop it back with the secateurs, thinking it was completely dead -after all, the top bit is only hanging on by a thin strip of bark – when I noticed that the buds of the broken part are getting greener and longer! It’s not dead at all! A strong and powerful force in the plant is still able to get through to where it is needed, bringing sap and life from the roots to the tip.

As I looked at this sad little tree, I was reminded of hope – no matter how thin the thread, hope can still enliven and invigorate a situation. That’s if there’s still even the slimmest connection to the root.

As we stay connected to the root, the author, the creator, even by the slenderest of belief, hope can flow. And just as my tree will heal and grow again, albeit with a weird kink in its stem, so we too can strengthen and grow, as hope flows through our lives.

I’m glad the secateurs didn’t chop back this wee tree – it’s a symbol of hope.

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