Our Creator Loves us

Our creator loves us

Felicity O’Brien, May 24, 2010. All rights reserved. PDF

1 John

John 17:6-19

The first reading, from John’s first letter, speaks about whether we believe the word of God or not – if we do believe it, then we believe that Jesus is the Son of God. If we do not accept this, we are saying that God is a liar.

These days, people even say that there is no such thing as God. We can take the example of a testimony, or witness, even further. We just have to look around us to know that God is real. The amazing world he has created, and continues to create, testifies to its creator. How could the clouds get there, or the flowers have such beautiful colours? Some of those colours we can’t even see, but the insects that pollinate them can.

The human body, in all its complexity, is a marvelous witness to God too. When we hold a tiny new baby, perhaps a grandchild, or even a great-grandchild, in our arms, and see their tiny fingers curling around ours, we know that God is present, and always creating. We see life. Our reading from 1 John also speaks about the life to come, eternal life, where there will be no more pain, or systems failing. To have this eternal life, we need to have the Son, Jesus, in our hearts.

When we consider the other reading, from John’s gospel, it has a similar theme at first, of witnessing to Jesus being the Son of God. Jesus is praying here to His Father, for His disciples, that God will protect them, and keep them together. He also prays for them to be sanctified, set apart, by the truth, and that means the Word of God.

This applies to all of us, not just the first-century disciples, but every future Christian. Jesus has prayed to His Father for us, that we will be made holy by His truth! He has prayed for you and me to be protected from the evil one! I feel humbled that my Lord has been praying for me, in my situation. He knew then that we would face challenges, and we can be reassured that we will never have to face them alone.

Jesus knew that He was going back to His Father, and this week we celebrate His ascension. But he didn’t leave them without help – next week we celebrate Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came bodily upon the disciples, and this is the help Jesus leaves with us – the Holy Spirit.

So whatever faces you this week, take with you the reassurance that Jesus loves you, he always has, and He always will, and one day we will be with Him in Glory!

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