Get rid of the old!

I am in a mood for clearing out old stuff! There is a skip outside, which is fast filling up, and I am looking at all our clutter with new eyes.I was pegging the tea-towels on the line, and lamenting that even they are getting really scruffy, even one of my favourite ones, which my nephew made at kindergarten – all the kids drew a picture, then the kindy sold them as a fund-raiser. At first I was sad that this tea-towel now has a big hole, but then – hang on – the nephew who made it is a teenager at college now! Sentimental reasons kept me wanting to keep the tea-towel, but it’s time has passed.

How can this be a guide in Christian life? Perhaps sentiment and tradition keeps us holding on to the old, when we need a clear-out. There’s no room for any new moves of God in our lives or in our churches if we keep every nook and cranny, and every second and hour, crammed full of old stuff, whose time has come to be thrown into the skip, so to speak. Before we can have room for something new God wants to do in us, we need to have a clean-out. Have a look at what you are doing with your time, how you fill your week, and see if there’s anything God is nudging you to let go, so you can be filled with something new!

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