Gingerbread men

Today I have been making gingerbread men for a school fundraiser. (And avoiding starting my next essay.) As I placed the cutter on the dough, the space was getting used up. With each one cut out in the right shape, there was less and less dough to cut out for the next one. it was time to gather up the scraps and roll it out again.

Is this a metaphor for the church at the moment? Have we gone about as far as we can with the current model, cutting out ministries that are all the same? Perhaps it’s time to gather up the scraps, consolidate them in one well-kneaded ball, and roll them out again.

And just as we can change cookie-cutters whenever we want, maybe we need a different template for church ministries, to cut out our dough. Maybe one that doesn’t leave such big gaps between the shapes, where there are fewer and fewer bits fallen through the cracks.

What can this mean for Christians today? it’s time to do things differently, and be open to the Holy Spirit leading us in a completely new direction!

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