Cut the cost of computing

We have a new feature!  We have added to our resources five pages on (mostly)free software and another on choosing hardware. There are also tips on backup and technical support. Kevin goes back to the days of ‘steam-computing’, as he calls it, and believes that there is too much money wasted in the computing area. Keeping the cost down has been a passion of his.

The free software is a collection of Windows compatible programs that would enable any church office, home or small business to work without further cash outlay. This site is built on them, even the hosting is free! The Linux world has a very generous supply of free software for home or office use which may be a topic for another time. (The Macs use a proprietary cousin of it.)

Hardware choice is confusing but why pay top dollar for rapidly changing technology when most people will gain nothing by attempting to keep up with the gamers?

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