No nurture

Today a blackbird got into the kitchen. It’s that time of year when they’re a bit dopey, probably looking for food, and it’s finally warm enough to leave the back door open!

As I was cleaning up the mess along the kitchen window-sill, post-blackbird, I noticed one of my pot-plants had been knocked over. This one used to be a lovely healthy plant, with blue flowers – I haven’t got a clue what it’s called, but it seemed to run out of steam a year ago, so I took a cutting, and this was growing, albeit slowly, on my kitchen windowsill, between the cough-mixture and my son’s evil cactus.

As I picked up the plant, it fell apart in my hands! The stem had completely rotted through at ground level! No wonder it didn’t look too well…

This sad little plant reminds me of things in our lives that we keep limping along, when it’s way past time to let them go. Some relationships are like that, such as ‘friendships’ with people who only ever take, and never nurture. Or habits that you are trying to kick, but have got kind of comforting in their consistency. Maybe some ministries can be like that too – is it any point trying to flog a dead-horse of a youth group when most of the congregation is over sixty, and there are no teenagers, just a couple of grandchildren who come sometimes?

There are seasons for everything, and this plant told me to look at all the things in my life that are limping along, not going anywhere, and see if they are really being properly nourished.

Is your prayer life limping along? Is it the same all the time? Perhaps, if it is, it needs some compost! Have a look at different ways of praying. Find a new way of approaching scripture to nurture your prayer life. Start opening yourself up to what God may want you to pray about, and you will soon notice that as you start to pray for others, and their needs, that God will nourish you in a very real and present way.

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