Something beautiful…

The kids were asking for doughnuts for pudding tonight, so I made the bread dough and let it rise. I forgot to put on my apron (as usual) so when I went to cook the doughnuts I went to find my special apron.As I looked at it, I started thinking about an old song – Something beautiful, something Good.

Mum made this apron for me – the central panel is made up of parts of embroidered tray-cloths and doilies, some made by long-gone family members, others collected. What they all have in common is that they were all damaged somehow – a tear,a  burn, a stain that wouldn’t come out. None of them could be used for their original purpose, but it was a shame to throw them away when there was so much work in them. These old cloths represent love, stitch-by-stitch.

I got to thinking that our lives are like that too. There are spoilt bits, damaged bits, parts we don’t want on public show. But God can stitch us all together to make a  beautiful fabric, which is called the Body of Christ!

Something Beautiful, something Good,

All my confusion he understood,

All I had to offer him was brokenness and strife

But He made something beautiful out of my life!

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