Odd Socks

Odd socks

You might wonder why there’s a picture of my son’s feet with odd socks on.

Whenever I buy socks for the kids, I tend to get those packs with three pairs in, hoping that they will at least last for a few months. It would be more sensible to get three identical pairs, because several inevitably get spirited away by the sock monster, but this set of three similar, toning, pairs looked so smart that I bought them.

When my boy put them on, I said, “hey, that’s not a pair!”

“It doesn’t matter what they look like Mum, they feel right”, he said.

I started thinking about this. Maybe what things look like is not as important as how they feel.

This is a good description for my journey this year into the Diaconate. This diocese has  had very little awareness of what the Diaconate is, and the usual journey towards ordination has taken people into the priesthood. That’s what has been expected, that’s what ‘looks right’. That’s what people in the congregation expected.

But my journey has taken a  different path, one that takes a bit of explaining to people. it doesn’t look the same as that of other clergy. It seems an odd match to what I originally saw as God’s calling for me.

But the Diaconate feels right! I am doing things that I love, I have a wider area of work and influence than if I were a priest, and fewer responsibilities, which fits with my family.

Next time I find myself or the boys wearing odd socks, I will smile, and say, “but it feels right!”

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