Seek ye first the Kingdom of God

I was in my garden, looking up at the flowering cherry tree. It had lots of highly decorative red berries on it! Very pretty, but I know they’re too sour to eat.

Then I wondered, why aren’t the birds having a go at them? After all, they eat all sorts of berries that aren’t sweet enough for us.

I had another look at the tree. You see, from where I was standing, underneath the tree, the berries were really obvious, but from the birds’ perspective, flying over the tree, they would be hidden by the leaves!

I started wondering what other things we miss by looking from the wrong perspective, and got thinking about little kids and their spelling notebooks. You know, the ones they swear are at school  but then the teacher sends a note home, saying, where are they? The notebooks that Mum can find in 2 seconds flat by looking properly in the school bag, or the desk!

The kingdom of God can be like that – hard to spot on a first, cursory look, blending into the background. But when we start to look harder at the details around us, we can see God’s fingerprints everywhere, in the clouds, the plants, the weather, and in the lives transformed by the power of God’s love.

We just have to keep looking until we find it.

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