Red and green for Christmas

This morning I was preparing to lead our Association of Anglican Women’s Advent service. I printed my sermon, put the service sheets in my bag, and opened my wardrobe to get my purple advent stole. As I put the stole in with my alb, I removed the other two stoles that  were there, as they won’t be needed for a while, and I put them on a coat hanger.

They were my red stole for the Holy Spirit, which I wore at last week’s ordination service, and my green Trinity, or Ordinary time, stole, which I have been using for months in our services.

I got to thinking -these two gleaming silk stoles – red and green – suddenly looked like a Christmas decoration as they intertwined.Maybe the red and green of Christmas, rather than referring to Santa’s little helpers at the North Pole, could mean that Christmas is a combination of the Holy Spirit and our ordinary lives! The green is for the commonplace, the day-to-day stuff of life. The red is for the contrasting, changing power of the Holy Spirit.

And as we put them together, we can pause and contemplate – this Christmas, are we celebrating the effect of the holy Spirit on our ordinary lives?


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