God’s too busy…

I saw a t-shirt in the mall today, which said, “God’s busy, talk to me instead.” with a picture of a devil on it. Is that how people see God? As someone who’s too busy to talk to?

This slogan was a bit of a wake-up call – if we don’t talk to God we end up talking to the devil, thinking that God’s busy, or not interested, or bored with us, or not concerned.

Is God uninterested? No! Nothing could be further from the truth! God, who made the stars, and is still making our wonderful bodies (wobbly bits and all), cares for every aspect of our lives, and loves nothing better than when  beloved people open up and talk.

Before we can talk to God we need to believe that’s it’s not a futile waste of time, or a self-indulgent  practice, to take God into our confidence. We don’t need to have all the answers, to understand the whole ‘faith’ thing. That’s what faith and trust is about – stepping out, not sure, but doing it anyway, about every aspect of our lives. And that means the ‘uncomely’ things too – nothing is too gross for God! If our digestion is playing up, we can pray! If we need money to pay for the kids’ shoes, talk to God.When things are going well, and you just can’t help smiling at being alive, talk to God!

The  t-shirt slogan is quite scary – the devil really does want our attention, wants us to talk to him instead of remembering our loving parent in heaven. The devil is the master of all liars – remember how in the Garden of Eden he said,”Did God really say you would die?” He casts doubts into our minds, and has a way of helping us forget to talk to God.

Try it some time – have a conversation with God. Don’t make it a shopping-list, or a long string of moans. The more we can open up to the reality of a loving God who is desperately interested in every little detail of our lives, the more we will resist the devil, and he will flee from us.

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