Is it stealing?

Today I was communicating with someone about a reading for Sunday’s service. This person was at work, and replied to me twice from there.

I wonder, is it stealing when you attend to non-work emails while at work? Or is it ok in your lunch-hour? Maybe a lenten challenge for all of us is using our time ethically. If we are paid for our time we should use all of that time for the purpose it was ‘bought’ for. When I was a singing teacher, my pupils had half an hour of my time, and if I had to waste some of it chasing my kids away, I felt that I needed to either charge them less, or continue on past the time allotted. How many people who work for large corporations think about their employers’ time? It would be great if all the contact email addresses that people give to church (and bowls, and patchwork club, and all the other non-work activities) were private, otherwise there is a temptaiton to “just” attend to emails before working.

Do you steal? Let’s challenge ourselves to be honest with our time.

1 thought on “Is it stealing?

  1. I read a ‘post’ on FB yesterday where a person was making the string/balloon/Easter Egg items AT THEIR PLACE OF WORK and was going to make another lot, again AT THEIR PLACE OF WORK, and I was just so glad that I was not their employer! I consider that you go to work to do the job you’re being paid to do – anything else should be done in your own time, either at your home or at a clubrooms. Time spent ‘doing your own thing’ in your place of work is stealing.

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