Improv on John 21

This lovely piece is from  a blog I follow, Gifts in Open Hands.

Posted on April 13, 2013 by

Improv on John 21

Come and have breakfast –
come — from caught-nothing nights
or nets stretched to breaking
with responsibility
for all the floppy-gilled children
of this sweet deep world.

Come and have breakfast –
you who strain for the
creaking keel of the leaking church
and you who’ve long since
jumped out of the boat.

Come to this charcoal eucharist –
toasted bread on a stick, grilled hope.

Say you love me
and it tastes like arts for children
and new gun laws.

Say you love me
and it tends veterans with PTSD
welcomes immigrants,
marries everyone,
binds up the poor wounded earth.

Say you love me
and it plates up everyone’s entrée
of food, education, and justice,
of health care, music, and a laying down
of the weapons that …

always seem to take you
where you do not want to go

Improv on John 21.

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