Syria: urgent prayer needed!

Today’s news about the situation in Syria is bad. Well, war hasn’t been declared just yet, so it could be worse. But what is becoming increasingly obvious is that information, the media, and people’s sympathy are being manipulated cynically by a country that should know better – the US, with its friend the UK not far behind. See today’s article in Global Research  for details.It seems that instability is what the powers that be are after – if there is chaos in the Middle East and central Asia, the world’s ‘policemen’ can sweep in and ‘clean up the mess’, taking all the resources with them. It didn’t work in Libya – before the change of regime their life expectancy was the same as here in NZ, and people could access tertiary education readily. Now, it’s a mess.

What gives the US the right to interfere in other people’s problems? Surely Syria is a nation which can sort itself out. Yes, there are problems and tensions, but my feeling is that they are being played up so that they can be taken advantage of.

What would be most helpful for peace in the region, I believe, is for some sort of truce between Sunni and Shi’a factions of the Islamic world. Maybe that’s a lot to ask for, since they have been fighting since the seventh century (!). Ban-Ki Moon is calling for the world to give peace a chance. if those who worship Allah in slightly different fashions could possibly let each other be different from them, maybe peace would have a chance.

And this has got nothing to do with external forces, except perhaps for other Muslim countries.

In ‘Christian’ nations, we have had our share of sectarian violence too. But so far as I am aware ( and I’m not a historian) there has not been the wholesale manipulation of our differences so that outside forces can sweep in and collect up all the pieces.

Please, let’s keep praying for peace in Syria, for commonsense, for common human dignity, and above all for justice – let there be no more manipulation of human lives for the sake of financial gain.

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