A new home

Since I last posted, we have had many changes with our family. We have moved to Christchurch! People ask, bemused, why? Well, I grew up here, and we are now close to Mm and my sister, so we are enjoying more family time, although learning new rhythms has been a  bit of a challenge. I hadn’t realised until we moved how isolated we were previously. Maybe having a house full of kids takes up all my attention and I forget to call anyone else!

I have also been continuing to feel God’s call to the priesthood, so I contacted Bishop Victoria, who invited me on a discernment weekend. She wants to see me established as a parishioner for six months before she will consider me for parish work, and priesting is a conversation to have further down the track.

This means that instead of writing sermons and leading services, I am a lady of leisure, and it’s a bit odd really. I hope, now that I have sorted out the computer which was clogged up with Nathan’s games, to be able to write regularly on this blog.

Meanwhile, I am trying to establish a  garden in our large but empty section, which has very sandy soil. I am also making a patchwork quilt for my son Morgan and his fiancee Becca. yay!

Blessings from Felicity

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