Rev Felicity O’Brien

About me: after following a call to ordained ministry, which I thought was towards the priesthood, I have been recently discerned as a Vocational deacon,  in the Anglican Church of the Province of New Zealand/Aotearoa. The funny thing is, now I am to be a deacon, I realise that the fit is a good one!  I think God has called me around a corner in a different direction from where the original call was – as the Diocese has changed, God has assigned me to a different part of the body!

Someone told me recently that if you want to hear God laugh, just tell Him about your 5-year plan…

I am 45, a Mum of 5, married to Kevin, and have worked professionally as a singing teacher and conductor.

I am studying towards my Licentiate in Theology with EIDTS, distance-style, which means I can read theology in the bath – excellent!

To relax I like gardening, wrestling something from our awful soil, and patchwork, and I have been known to do the odd sudoku!

Life is interesting these days, as ever, with various health and disability issues among my family.

The Gospel and me

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