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Kevin O'Brien 20 Feb 2002

Kevin O’Brien 2002

As Felicity’s husband I get the privilege of helping out with support .I am coming up for retirement although I have not made any bookings for that. I come from a public service background as tax inspector and found myself as a general-purpose expert creating systems for the, then, Western Samoan Government.  That included the establishment and initial management of their National Provident Fund which is still running 40 years on.

My background in computing is largely self-taught and I owned and operated computer shops in the eighties and nineties. My work with computers goes back over 40 years and I have worked on their internal design, custom development and programming, manufacture, servicing, installation, evaluating and supplying applications. Being qualified professionally as an accountant I still continue with accounting systems support and tax accounting. I started work as a paperboy at nine and I have had the usual sundry occupations including pig farmer, dress designer, photographer, parliamentary candidate and property development economics consultant.

I will limit my comments to, I hope, helpful tips or observations in the resource pages. Any opinions on matters of computing are solely mine.

I never see blogs before publication and my wife is a continuing delight to me in her work and walk with God.

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