Free Christian Wallpaper

Welcome to our free desktop or tablet christian wallpaper page. Download and share as you please without modifying. There is no restriction on reproduction and any credits have been embedded unobtrusively in the images. We will add more wallpapers from time to time so check back regularly.

The images have all been optimised for display and file sizes are relatively small so are not suitable for printing beyond postcard size. Each one has been created uniquely to suit its size. For installation choose an aspect ratio which matches your screen: the norm was a 4:3  but that is changing to 16:8 or 16:9. For the wider screens 1440×900 will usually work. Your installer will resize to fit and if it looks strange retry with another size. For Ipads or similar tablets choose 1024×1024 which allows for turning the device; only the middle three quarters of that size are sure to be visible.

The newly announced Microsoft “Surface” uses a 16:9, 1366×768, format and wallpaper for these is available for #7 onwards on this page; again turning has to be allowed for, so they need 1366×1366.

Relative desktop and tablet wallpaper sizing

Relative desktop and tablet wallpaper sizing

Installation should be simple: click on the link and it will open the image; right click on that to save it or use it as your desktop choice. It is generally best to save the image to a file and in Windows or Linux use the regular installation method of right clicking on the desktop and setting its properties.


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