How does God speak to you?

How does God speak to you? Does God speak to us? It would be great if we can hear an audible voice whenever we need guidance, but for nearly everyone, we don’t hear God speaking that way. What we do have is the Bible, inspired by the Holy Spirit. This is the only book we are likely to read with the author available to pinpoint bits for us. Have you had the experience of reading a passage of the Bible, and a line jumps off the page at you, as if it is highlighted, or in 3-D? That is a common way for God to guide us. It’s different every time, with every reader, and you may have read the passage many times before, without that particular point striking you. God gives us what we need, if we are receptive and open to it, by ‘highlighting’ something. When we are listening to Scripture it can be like that too. We sit down (or stand) and prepare ourselves to listen to the reading, following along on the screen if it’s up there. Sometimes we can be distracted by the words being in a different version, but often we’ll discover that we’re not still tracking along with the reading. Something has stopped us listening, and we’re going off on a tangent. Noticing those points where we stop listening is a helpful way of becoming aware of God speaking to us. It’s as if God has put up a road-block for us, a diversion for our mind, and wants to speak to us through the diversion. Next time this happens to you, take note of what you had just heard before the ‘stop’ – think and pray about it, and ask God, what is it you want to say to me here?