What can you see?

When you look at the picture at the top of this blog, what do you see? It’s easy to focus on the graceful toetoe stalks (a kind of pampas grass which is common in NZ) waving in the wind. They are beautiful and spectacular, at 2 metres tall. But what is beyond it? First, the beach, with rounded stones, and driftwood, with lots of contrasting textures. Then there’s the sea-  Wellington Harbour, from the Eastbourne side. OK, so the water is sparkly and blue, so? Look beyond that again, and you will notice green hills, purpled by distance. What can there be of interest apart from a pretty landscape? Look closely at the hills, and clinging to the gullies you can just make out houses and roads. There’s a city of people there, surrounded by landscape, a city bustling and loving and hurting.

Where is your focus? There’s no right or wrong answer. At different times, different parts of this picture feed us. But when we are fed by the blue and green colours, which scientists say have a mood-stimulating effect, and the natural textures, it is time to cross the water, and engage with people again. May you see God’s hand in nature, and share God’s love for all of it, ourselves included.