Do the Happy Dance

Our kinds recently took part in the holiday programme the church was running, and they had one of those realllly catchy songs,every day. You know the sort, with a simple tune, repetitive word, and easy actions, that even my son on crutches could take part in. This silly song has been going around and around in my head – I may have to resort to some Wagner to wipe it out! The main line in the chorus is “Do the Happy Dance”, because God loves us with a great love. The theology is fine, the idea is fine, but I keep wondering, what about those times when we can’t ‘do the happy dance’? What about when everything is falling around our ears, and it’s hard to find God anywhere in it.

I’ve been looking at the book of Job, as I’m preparing a sermon on Job for Sunday. I got to thinking – how is it that Job can keep his faith in God strong, even when he has lost all his stuff, all his children, and his health. Maybe he had been trained from childhood to trust God’s great love, just as the song at the holiday programme is doing for our kids. Maybe practising ‘doing the happy dance’ instills in the kids, and their parents, a bedrock that they can rely on, a knowledge that is stronger than facts, that whatever happens, God loves them. That’s what kept Job going, and that will keep you going too.