Help! No Internet!

Have you ever been in the situation recently when you couldn’t get on line? Even ten years ago this would have been normal for many people, but we have grown so dependent on it that it seems like life cannot go on without the Net.

We have had a couple of occasions recently when we were unable to connect with the world digitally. The first was when Josiah spilt his drink of Milo over the modem. Yes, that’s right, it killed it.

We were not pleased with our son, especially as he had been told many times not to have drinks by the computer. But it was strange how the whole family felt without the net – whenever we had a random question that needed looking up, we couldn’t. Whenever we wanted to check the bank balance, we couldn’t. Whenever we wanted to contact our friends, we couldn’t.

Last night the modem went on the blink again, probably due to the fierce storm we had. (I can’t blame Josiah, he was safely in bed). Again, we couldn’t check the basics. “Do we have enough money in the bank to get petrol?” “Don’t know, can’t look it up”.

Isn’t it just as well that God can be accessed without technology? All we have to do to talk to our Creator  the One who loves us so much, is pray! Just opening our consciousness to the possibility that God is real, God is listening, God cares, puts us immediately in touch.We need never to feel that sense of disconnect that happens when the Net is down, when we’re talking to God.

Wallpaper #3 “From whose womb did the ice come forth,..?

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