Daily services now automated

No! we haven’t installed a robotic reader (yet) but now have a program to automate opening up the Daily Services, the Lectionary and Bible Gateway at one click. Even better you can now copy and paste from the Lectionary into Bible Gateway. The installation is simple: just proceed to ‘accept’ everything, even if it warns against it, and you will land up with a bright yellow button on your desktop. Different users will have insignificant different experiences depending on what is already installed: a MS Internet Explorer user will find 3 separate windows being opened while others will have three tabs.

There is an audio option In Bible Gateway so you can hear the word spoken if you paste the Lectionary reading into it.

Daily Services.

Our Bishop recently recommended to all clergy that we say the Daily Service, and I have found this a wonderful way of starting the day, centering myself in God, knowing that at a similar time many other Anglicans are doing the same thing.

In the olden days, the clergy lived next door to the church, and often would have a wife at home getting the children up for the day while their spouse popped next door for the service.These days, it’s a very different picture, with homes further away from churches, women clergy, and different family responsibilities.

So I have taken to reading the Daily Service by myself, with that wonderful miracle of God’s creation, Camellia Sinensis, that is, a decent cup of tea, before the morning routine.

Now I have added links on this blog, so you can join me in the Daily Service. Just click on the Daily Service page, choose the day (morning and evening services are there) and the NZ Prayer Book will be there for you! The readings from the lectionary are also available here, week-by-week. If you want to see the readings and the service at the same time, just open up another copy of your browser, and join with your brothers and sisters in Christ!

May you be nourished as you do.