The presentation

Sermon Feb 2 2020 St Ambrose

Our reading today is very multi-generational isn’t it? We have a young family with a new baby, coming to the temple for the rites of purification according to their religion. But we also have not one but two elderly saints featured in the story. Sometimes it’s easy to feel overlooked when we are older, especially in a society which favours the young and glamorous, rather than the old and wrinkly. This is a great story to think about if you reckon you are too old to be of any use in the church. None of you here seem to be slowed down much by age though! Continue reading

Life and Dignity

Sermon 22 Sept 19

Today’s Gospel about the dishonest manager is such a puzzle. When I sat down to write this sermon, nothing seemed to jump out of it to preach about today, so I am going to concentrate on the other two readings, which are connected in a way that is helpful to understanding them, and for us today.

First, we hear from the prophet Jeremiah. He is crying for his people, that they are hurt, and abandoned. Where is their king? The prophet asks. Where is their leadership? Who is in charge here?

The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.’ Continue reading