Broad Beans and Ministry

When I was a girl, occasionally Mum would put something weird on our dinner plates. Oval-shaped things, about an inch long, greyish and a bit wrinkly, like they’d been in water too long, which when you bit them were bitter and rubbery on the outside, and floury on the middle. Yuk! You’ve guessed it – broad beans, or fava beans.

When I was trying to improve the clay soil here, I discovered you could plant broad beans to fix in the nitrogen, so I bought some, and planted them, thinking that they would work as green manure but we wouldn’t have to eat them. As the plants grew, I realised that they were doing really well – fast-growing, bushy, healthy plants, with lots of flowers, and very soon, hundreds of bean pods. I looked up how to use them in one of those gardening/recipe books, held my heart in my mouth, and made a decision.

If they were so easy to grow, I would decide that I was going to like them. Gulp! I picked them small, blanched them and popped the bright green seeds out of the grey, bitter jackets, and added them to salads, and, actually, discovered that they were really quite good! (The kids are still not with me on this one.)

What’s this got to do with ministry? If you find yourself in a  ministry you didn’t think you would like, make a decision to like it anyway. Be open to finding the revelation, the good, sweet centre.

God always makes things easier if we step out in faith, trusting him for the way ahead. God will surely bless those ministries!

When I was picking my broad beans, I could smell a wonderful perfume, and looked closer at the homely plants. Under the leaves were the most gorgeous flowers, black-and-white, very decorative, with a fantastic, heady scent, which wafted across the garden.God was blessing me with these unexpected treasures, all because I had decided to embrace something new, that had the power to grow and nourish me.

1Cor 3:6 “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.”