Unexpected glamour

I went to a wedding today – not as a guest, but to play the piano for the service. I dressed up in a nice skirt and top, tidy shoes, my pearl necklace and a bit of lipstick – quite unusual for me!  I looked quite good, I think!

When I came home, I changed out of my pretty top and skirt, into my casual clothes – I wanted to mow the lawn. I put my nice shoes away and got out the terrible old gardening shoes that have holes in the sides, but are strong enough so I won’t cut off my toes should I run them over!

I mowed the lawn. (Why I did this myself with at least 2 kids at home I’m not sure…)

When I came in after finishing to wash my hands, I caught sight of myself in the mirror.

Did you spot what I forgot to change?

Yes, I was still wearing my pearls and lipstick with my gardening clothes! I was quite struck by the effect – certainly not conventional dress!

I wondered why it seemed significant. Maybe God was trying to tell me that we can find the glamourous among the ordinary – we just have to be open to the possibility.

Have you ever looked closely at the bark of a tree? It’s amazing, so beautiful, so intricately patterend, even if the leaves and fruit might be what people expect to admire.

Have you ever looked really closely at a forget-me-not flower? They are tiny, and intricate, with a miniscule flower of yellow in the middle of the blue. Almost like a millefiori glasswork.

Be open to unexpected glamourous sights, to beauty where it may not be expected. The lined skin of an elderly person’s hand as it clasps yours – the warmth of a smile from a stranger – there are so many. God speaks to us thorugh everything around us – we just need to tune up our listening.