Sermon:Mary anoints Jesus’ feet

John 12:1-11

Why did Mary do it? Maybe she wanted to give something back, to the one who was always doing things for others, always healing, always loving, always telling them about the kingdom of heaven. Maybe Mary felt it was time to make an offering to Jesus, a treat for him, that would tell him just how much he was loved and appreciated.

But what can we do? We can’t anoint his feet – he isn’t here.

For Mary to be able to do this wonderful thing for her Lord and ours she had to be prepared to use up something precious. Perhaps she had been Continue reading

Take out the tree

It’s a new year! The kids have toys all over the floor, and the dying pine tree has been shedding needles. Time to take it out.  I took the decorations off the tree, shoving them in a bag to sort out later (well probably next Christmas). I staretd thinking that taking the tree out of the house could be quite a symbolic act. What do we do with Christmas when it’s over? Do we consign the whole thing to the compost heap, and forget about love, joy, peace and hope, while the normal grind gets underway again?

Or does something of Christmas stay with us? Are we aware of the tremendous sacrifice God made for us, so we could be together with God? Does this impact our daily choices, as we deal with family, work colleagues, and all the normal messiness of life?

The church I used to go to would take out the Christmas tree, and instead of taking it to the tip, they would cut off the branches leaving one long trunk. Then they would cut the top third off, and store it for a few months. Yes, that took it to Holy Week. Can you guess what happened next? It was made into a cross, and covered with flowers for Good Friday.

I find the cyclical symbolism of this quite profound, as Christmas is joined to Easter, the Season and the Reason are intricately entwined. Joy and sorrow are connected, for a longer term goal of eternity with God.

May God bless you richly this New Year, and may the joy of God’s presence on earth stay with you every day.