At the end of July my seven-year-old son Josiah woke up with an uncontrollable movement in his left leg – it moved backwards and forwards and he couldn’t stop it. This meant he couldn’t bear his weight, so walking was not possible. He was diagnosed with a tic disorder, and we organised for him to have crutches so he could get around, and waited for various tests at the hospital. This was one of those ongoing things that we had no idea whether he would improve, or when, so we just had to trust God and be thankful that Jos was otherwise well.

About three weeks ago when he woke the other leg had a problem – it was very sensitive to any touch, and he couldn’t stand on it either. He was reduced to getting around on one knee and two hands.

We organised a wheelchair for him, and had more tests at the doctor.

Last night my husband took Jos to a healing meeting with Indian Evangelist Ram Babu. They were out for a long time – the meeting started at 6, and at 9.45 I was starting to wonder where they were, when I heard the car come in, and then the door opened, and in walked Josiah.

Yes, he walked in, on his own two feet, with this amazing smile on his face, and an aura of peace around him. You can imagine, we broke out the Lemonade and had a little party!

When he was prayed for, the evangelist told him to get up out of the chair, and Jos had the faith to know that he had been healed. He ran around, a little unsteady. This was no hypnotic trick!

When he said goodnight to me, he said, “I love you Mum, but I love God more.”