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Living with the climate is cheaper: 50 to 1

The 50 to 1 Project site for more –

I heartily recommend this short video to you – it tells us why climate change should not be financially crippling our planet.

You may recollect some of the same information in our previous blog about Lord Christopher Monckton.

Viscount Monckton – The triumph of the individual over the hive mind

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Child poverty? Debt Menace?

Loan Shark Flyer

Loan Shark Flyer (Contact details hidden.)

There has been a lot of hand-wringing recently here in New Zealand about child poverty, citing the numbers of kids who go to school hungry, or with no lunch. The Opposition and the Church have joined an internationally driven campaign for higher wages, a ‘living wage’. But this campaign has some serious flaws in its New Zealand setting. Kev has already commented on this.

Children in themselves have no power to earn, so child poverty always should point to the adults who have left the child in this position. As local Mayor Michael Laws calls it, ‘piss-poor parenting’. Here I agree with him whole-heartedly. People who call themselves parents should have the brains and the drive, as well as the sense of responsibiity for their offspring to feed them properly, and provide the bare necessities at least. No, it’s not a matter of too little money on the benefit. We are on National Superannuation with little extra, and we manage to feed and clothe everyone adequately.

But this is because we do not waste our resources.

I believe that much of the ‘child poverty’ in New Zealand is because of terrible choices made by parents – choices that involve spending scarce money on cigarettes, alcohol and gambling. This country has a really bad record for the normalisation of gambling, even in the kindergartens where the fund-raising raffle is an annual fixture.

But there is another menace in the neighbourhood, that even further preys on poor families, this time targetting the Polynesian community in particular. There was a flyer put in our letter box yesterday, advertising loans –  $1000, to be repaid at $50 per week, for 8 months. Continue reading

Who is is taking the land – food from the children’s mouths?

Land = Food, not biodiesel.

Deprivation – and no climate change (UN).

Now that the UN Climate Change Chief has admitted NO global warming in the past 17 years, recall what has been and not been done. Whose keepers are we? Part of this video raises these issues.


UN Climate Change Panel Chief admits lack of warming…

The Australian -Climate NO climate Change

(Paywalled)                                                                                                   (Click image to enlarge.)

This is how the lack of warming show shows up on a graph based on UN data.

. Some scientists are proposing that we are entering a period of potentially rapid cooling which would be much more difficult to live in with reduced food production and restricted energy choices. The IPCC computer models have been shown to fail miserably to predict long term climate. Can we afford to take the risk of them being wrong?

Graphic from the Mail on Sunday article by David Rose

Graphic from the Mail on Sunday article by David Rose (Derived from  IPCC Draft AR-5)

Now, enjoy the wriggle: warmist denies warming requires warming!

Trenberth : Warming No Longer Requires Warming

Injustice in equality, Churches promote inflation

Guest post by Kevin O’Brien, retired Charted Accountant and former consultant to the Government of (then Western) Samoa.

The living wage claim imbroglio has done us good in having to examine wages and living costs: I am not so sure it has done us right. It took a bit of looking to find the paper setting out the claims to a “living wage” of $18.40/hr; they were not on the Anglican Church Family Centre web site [1], in whose name they were, but on the Living Wage NZ site who commissioned them. [2]

The claim then is political – a creature of the unions and the ultra left greens with the churches donning social-justice robes and blessing all, other than those who ultimately have to pay. The politics of envy are writ large: bosses and others must be richer, so they can pay, to match our spending aspirations. If the boss class hasn’t got it, then the Government must have. Someone needs to pony up to satisfy our unrequited hunger for more.

I suspect there is sin somewhere in the midst of this. Is it right to heavy employers, a.k.a. bosses, to pay more when no more is going to come their way to meet the extra demand? Is it right to set demands for pay in excess of minimum reasonable needs? Is it right to pay a single 18 year old straight from year 13 at high school the same hourly rate as an experienced single worker, or one a few years further on who has a spouse, and the population replacement minimum 2 children, the same hourly rate also? If justice is about balance where is it here? Are ability and contribution of a worker to producing residual income to be ignored? Continue reading

Global cooling from UN?

Guest post by Kevin O’Brien

The UN International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has prepared a final draft of an updated assesment, AR5. That draft has been leaked worldwide as it shows data that strongly suggests real cooling. Previous leaked emails from some principal climate ‘scientists’ showed concerns that the data wasn’t matching up to their models with a lack of warming, despite their wishes.

Whaleoil has reported the leak and refers to James Delingpole at The Telegraph.  Another, Watts Up With That, reports in much greater detail as well as providing sources.  Here is a reproduction of an original page from the AR5 draftt report that is causing much excitement.

Data at variance with models. IPCC AR5 FIG 1-4

Data at variance with models? IPCC AR5 FIG 1-4

My modified view of the figure is below. Click on each for a larger view.

AR5 Draft Fig 1-4 modified.

AR5 Draft Fig 1-4 modified.

The observations have been joined in yellow and clearly they are lying at the bottom of the figure. Watts comments on the grey model being discredited and the observations barely make it into the AR4 model too. If this is warming, it is hardly measurable and visually, ignoring the confidence bands, it looks like it is heading in the cooler direction. Can you base public policy on such data?

The added three-year moving average shows all the observations below the models except the grey. If this was a stock market chart it would be tempting to take a short position on a market decline. Another couple of declining data points would seal that view.

How trustworthy are the models? This is the first time I have seen these and they are disturbing in their simplicity. You can almost put a ruler along the tops and bottoms of each of the 4 models’ ranges shown. That means that the projections are near linear. What is to change that? Are we seeing a lack of commonsense demonstrated: surely the model makers are not saying that they expect the climate to keep on warming continuously at a defined rate? If so, what sort of delusional disorder are they suffering from? The corollary from their models is, if they are believed to be true, we may already be facing an unstoppable disaster. Do the model makers really believe that? Can Christians really believe that?

There is an another explanation, that the models are just that and some enjoy crafting them with their bits and bytes. Others, using them, seek then to maintain the position of Canutes to appear to stop the fearful unknown process of the scenario before them. This is a recipe for political control on a grand scale. Is that what is driving this? Also there is a lot of global corporate money to be made from such control, which brings with it the rents from resources. It will not be the richest who will be paying such rents. The green watermelons who publicly despise such corporates have also  taken this on as a cause for action as fits their communist origins and belief in controlled order.

Has justice fled or been redefined so that children are even denied medicine because neighbouring trees provide shelter for other creatures.

God made all, but made people in the image of God. I do not believe he loves any tree more than any single hair on any human head.

Recycled sago muffins?!

I am a very frugal home manager. So much so that I cannot bear to have food wasted. While this has led me to eat up the leftovers myself at times, my waistline doens’t thank me, so I have been learning ways to recycle food.

The other day I made sago for pudding. Actually this was recycled too because I used the syrup left over from candying orange peel, and added sago and frozen cranberries. It sounds yummy doesn’t it? Well I thought so, but my kids all turned up their noses and refused to touch it.

I saw this pot of sago sitting forlornly on the bench, and thought, how can I recycle it?

So I added cocoa, baking powder, flour, an egg and some yoghurt and milk, and mixed up a batch of muffins. It only used half the mixture, but I wanted to see how they went down before making more.

Would you believe it? “I love this stuff” said my son, thickly, through a large mouthful, as he reached for another handful of muffins.

Success! They scoffed 25 of them in one day, so I made another tray, which also disappeared down teenage throats.

I got to thinking about this. Maybe God can use us like this. The things in our lives which the world rejects can have a new life in God. God can add the ingredients to recycle us, to make us useful for the kingdom, to be a blessing for others.

I think about my own life story, with an unhappy first marriage, subsequent divorce, and lots of legal struggles to gain custody of my two older boys. This wasn’t easy, but God added patience to me, and faith, and a whole lot of other things that meant I can now reach out to those people going through similar situaitons, and minister to them with compassion.

God has taken what the world rejects – no one likes divorce. And God has mixed it up to be a blessing.

And just as my recycled sago muffins made so many, God will bless us and give us increase, as we work for the kingdom, allowing God to use us.

“The stone that the builders rejected has becme the very head of the corner.” 1Peter 2:7

Warmist injustice

This segment discusses the ethics and moral issues of forcing the poor to adapt to Western GreenWar requirements.  It was previously broadcast by Channel 4, UK in 2007.

Living below the line again!

As people in our region are looking for sponsors for the Living below the Line challenge,

I thought I would put another great meal idea out there. As I have said before, we spend the BTL amount on food anyway, so we can have a role as encouragers of others.

First, buy a laying-hen – usually 3 for $10 in Wellington. Boil it for about 3.5 hours. When done, take the chook out of the water and let it cool on a dish. Keep the water hot.While it’s cooling, finely chop onion, carrot and celery and cook till soft in oil or marg. Add a bit of flour to thicken, then spoon in the hot boiling water from the chicken to make a sauce. You will need to add one spoonful at a time, stir, then when it’s thick add another. When that’s done, throw a packet of dried pasta (lasagne is good) into the stock, and cook till al dente.

Take the chicken meat off the bones, discarding the skin. (handy hint – put the bones and skin in the freezer till rubbish-day, rather than in the bin)

Combine meat, sauce and pasta, add salt or chicken salt, and bake it in the oven till the top is crunchy. You can add a bit of cheese on top, or breadcrumbs. If you leave off the cheese, it’s dairy free.

This meal will feed 8, for about $5! (Total, not each!)

You can also use the chicken/sauce part for a pie filling, or served over rice.

Very yummy! Who said LBTL won’t feed you well?