Santa hats everywhere

My kids are getting really excited about Christmas, especially my 5 year old son. The kids had to  dress up for the Christmas disco at school, so they got all the Santa hats and decorations out, sorted out their costumes, and put all the stuff away tidily. (Wishful thinking…)

No they didn’t, they decorated the living room within an inch of its life – tinsel along the couches, tree skirts around the teddies, and what looked like a mannequin of Santa in the corner. I looked again – we don’t have a mannequin! What we do have temporarily is a large wooden cross, about as tall as my young Nathan (5) – it’s here while I find it a new home. Nathan had put a Santa jacket on the arms of the cross, and a Santa hat on the top, and tinsel around the neck bit!

It was a really odd image – the Cross, the icon of atonement, salvation, resurrection, covered over with gaudy cheap red material and white fluff.

Isn’t that how Christmas is getitng these days? The core idea, the real reason for our celebraiton, covered over by silly costumes and hype.

May we uncover our crosses at Christmas time, keep the Santa suits in their place, which is not the central place. Jesus is coming – born as a baby long ago, and born in our hearts today.