The contents of this site are copyright  or covered by licences and the ownership has been attributed in each case so far as is possible. Short excerpts from others are generally covered by fair use provisions, but see their separate permissions if in doubt.

Commercial use restrictions

No part of this site may be stored or used in any way for commercial purposes without the explicit authority of the owner.

Fair use policy

Excerpts of less than 250 words are acceptable as is academic use. Reproduction for use in Christian worship, church bulletins or missional activity is also acceptable. The use of the work in any compilation is not allowed without specific permission.

The passages quoted should be unaltered except for minor formatting changes or where a name or location is used and it would be inappropriate in the present context. All quotations should attributed to Rev Felicity O’Brien and if more than one, a single attribution is acceptable. A donation would be welcomed if a whole work or extended part is to be reproduced.

“Fair use” is an emerging concept and it is not intended to deny anyone the right to a free expression of their views or the communication of such even if they are at variance with the authors on this site.

Sermon  and essay use

Small excerpts may be used in a sermon as under Fair Use above. Larger passages exceeding 250 words or even a whole sermon may be used but a donation as you feel appropriate would be welcomed. Quotations in scholarly works are acceptable under conventional academic practices.

Music use rights

The basic rights are stated with the link to the item. With attribution individual pages may be extracted from scores. For scores or extracts, usually the rights to both performance and reproduction are granted except for commercial use. Reasonable admission charges for performances are acceptable. A choir or other user may also make a reasonable charge for cost of reproduction without being considered to be a reseller. Works may be freely recorded by non-profit bodies provided the recordings are not offered for sale for commercial purposes. They may be sold freely to those involved and their families for a reasonable price. Rights for broadcasting are reserved and should be requested by email; in most cases they are likely to be freely granted.

Reasonable charges are not defined but include a share of all the direct and indirect costs including management and may also include a modest element of profit to cover against contingencies or  loss of  profits, or to provide for future activities. A donation as you feel appropriate would be appreciated.


We specially support Tear Fund, particularly gifts which enhance the development of people or communities. It’s great to give a goat! Here are links to international branches:

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United Kingdom

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